Bulletin Board

Next Budget Workshop:  Monday, February 19, 2018.  6:00 p.m. at Baldwin Business Center.

Board of Review March 2018 Meeting Dates:

March 6th 9am org meeting Tues

March 12 1:30-7:30 Monday
March 14 1:30-7:30 Wednesday
March 22 9:30 Thursday


New 2018 Meeting Schedule:  6:00 p.m. at 830 Michigan Ave, BBC, Baldwin, MI  49304

January 29, 2018                      July 30, 2018

February 26, 2018                    August 27, 2018

March 26, 2018                         September 24, 2018

April 30, 2018                            October 29, 2018

May 21, 2018                              November 26, 2018

June 25, 2018                             December 17, 2018



Ordinance for Licensing and Regulating Medical Marijuana

Ordinance re Medical Marijuana Facilities

Proposed Junk Control Ordinance

Outdoor Storage Amendment

Campground Ordinance


Link: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/planning/zoning/medical_marihuana_facilities_licensing_act


Road Brining:  The Board is very aware brining has been an issue this year.  We are currently working on getting bids from other vendors to see if we can reasonable get our roads brined again.  We will keep you posted as we get more information.  This is a priority for the Board and we absolutely understand any frustration from our property owners.  This has been a hot issue this year with losing our original contracted company through the Road Commission and now our costs skyrocketing.  We want you to know we are working on it.



Below is the link for the Engineering Report from Nordlund and Associates  regarding the township hall.  They have completed a full report regarding the structure.

Nordlund and Asso Building Report


We are looking for people who would be interested in serving on the Board of Review.  This is a two year term position.  If interested please email:  pleasantplainstwpsuper@gmail.com..  Thank you.



Zoning Ordinance


Cemetery Ordinance

Please note:  In an attempt to improve our cemetery,  we will be removing all unapproved items including bushes, trees, plants and flowers that are not in approved urns.


Updated information concerning ORV/ATV trails is accessible here.

Independent Rural Waste Services

877-366-3767 or (231) 796-8727

Garbage Pickup: Every Monday

Last Saturday of each month in the Township Hall Parking Lot
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Recycle Information